Home Education Snapshot – June 2018


We’ve been home educating for about 2 and a half years, and I feel it’s about time I made this a regular monthly post. I love telling you what we’ve been up to and how much fun we’ve had!

Home Education Snapshot – June 2018

June has been incredibly manic, so it’s hard to remember everything we’ve got up to. I have decided to have a nose through my diary to remind myself, is this normal behaviour at my age?! Who knows!

Firstly, George and Molly are still attending NoFitState Circus and mostly loving it. They’re in the same group for a few weeks and it’s not ideal, but from September George moves up a class so things should settle back to how they were…

Our month started off with Tom Thumb at Sherman Theatre. I love it when theatre completely surprises us all; it was absolutely magical and inventive. We also caught The Snail and the Whale which made Warren and I cry quite a bit!

Although we’re pretty unstructured, we’ve all agreed we need a bit more in the way of organisation and direction. We’ve begun a little project about Under the Sea, so far we’ve made little pine cone fish and read lots of interesting books. We plan to also make mini aquariums, clay fish and lots more!

We had a lovely trip to Beyond the Border and a night’s camping. We had so much fun and the kiddies made so many friends. Beyond the Border was full of storytelling, circus skills and other fab entertainment, everyone had so much fun!

The middle of the month saw us taking charge with a slime making session at a local home ed group. George and Molly made their first batch with other kids and then went off to explore. I was so nervous being ‘in charge’, but all the kids were lovely and really excited to have made gooey slime!

June was a great month food wise as we were invited to try the summer menu at Benugo and we followed this with a trip to the cinema to see Jurassic World. This was a great day!

George had a fab day at Talk & Surf. A local home educator arranged a trip to try out some group gaming and he had so much fun. Meanwhile, Molly and I played card games in their little sofa area. We’ve also been doing our best to be more active during these sunny weeks of June, but it’s been a challenge in the heat! Still, long walks and park trips are the foundations of childhood, right?!

We were lucky enough to go to Bluestone this month too and we had so much fun. We also made a little vlog about our adventures…

George and Molly’s confidence in the water came on leaps and bounds that particular week and it reminded me of some of the advice from the awesome John Holt. His theory is that children learn by being given time and support and safe environment to do so, forcing them won’t achieve positive results. I see a lot of what he says in George and Molly’s behaviour and the positive results from our lifestyle.

There was another theatre performance at Sherman, Me and My Bee, and Molly and I learnt loads about bees as well as just having a really nice time together. George went camping with Warren that particular weekend and he had a lot of fun wild camping in the woods!

We’ve also been on lots of long walks, picnics, reading, writing poetry, painting with Warren, discussing the trial of Spanish lessons at home (thank you Youtube!) as well as lots of other fun and interesting arts, crafts and music related activities.

Molly loving her gifted dress from La Coqueta

Molly seems to have transformed this year. Her sensory issues seem to have calmed down a lot so she’s exploring with her wardrobe and style a lot more; she’s loving girls dresses from La Coqueta! Her confidence has also grown immensely and most evenings she’s out playing with our neighbour’s children in the back garden.

George is growing fast. He’s 9 in less than 2 months and I’m not sure where the time has gone. He is becoming more focused on the things he loves to do, and I love seeing him chat about his passions.

Warren and I are both incredibly proud and emotional about their journey in this word.

It’s been a full on month and I can’t wait for July!

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