Review: Cirque Berserk at New Theatre, Cardiff

Despite my horrid cold last night we managed to get ourselves down to New Theatre to review Cirque Berserk. Circus is a part of George and Molly’s lives as they’ve been attending regular classes at NoFitState for nearly 2 years.

Review: Cirque Berserk at New Theatre, Cardiff

We first saw them last year at Wales Millennium Centre, so I was keen for us to catch them again and see what changes they’d made to their performance.

Circus is always exciting to watch, no matter what tricks or skilled acts are involved. I’m going to get y one negative thought out of the way now, so I can focus on al the good stuff. Here goes…

Not much had changed from last year. The whole show seemed very similar to last year’s performance and so it felt as though I wasn’t seeing anything new or more thrilling than before. This isn’t so bad if you’re just a massive circus fan and appreciate it on repeat, but I personally wanted something a little different this year.

That aside, the performers excelled in last night’s show. There were so many daring acts and I’d often find myself watching George and Molly’s reaction instead! Their little faces, open mouthed and wide eyed, in awe of the various performers and their mastery of each trick.

At one point, after Odka’s contortionist segment, Molly turned to me and said, ‘That could be me when I’m older…’ Oh my heart…



During the standing ovation Molly spotted Toni the knife thrower and his partner and said, ‘They were amazing!’ and as for George, well it was all about the Globe of Death. With several motorbikes (and at one point a lady!) enter the globe, you have no choice but to hold your breath. Racing at up to 60 mph is a scary thought, but it’s a must see moment indeed!



I loved the Mustache Brothers so much, they seemed to hold the show together. Their act was clever and quick witted, with lots of laughs. They were amazing to watch!

I definitely felt a lot more in tune with the show during the second half. It was a lot more upbeat and interesting in terms of performance. There’s just so much talent all in one space, it blows my mind.

The strong relationship between the performers is obvious, with support and sincerity at the heart of every act. I love how inspiring they are, how unique and how much my children relate to their performance. I think it’s definitely the kind of circus I’d love my kids to join if that’s the path they choose in their future…

You can catch Cirque Berserk until 15th July, so if you’re keen to see a bold circus production that’s family friendly, book now! Prices start from a bargain £14!

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