Asda Smash Pack Lunch Box Review

*Thank you to Asda and Smash for these lovely lunchboxes to review.


We recently received a gorgeous bundle of Asda Smash Pack lunch boxes to review. George and Molly love attending different events, day trips and picnics, so this was a perfect bundle to receive.

Asda Smash Pack Lunch Box Review

George and Molly may not go to school, but they still like to eat in style. We go on a lot of picnics and days out, so it’s really important to have somewhere to store their food and drinks. They both love bold and bright designs, and I love anything that lasts longer than a week!

We opened the box with lots of ohhhhs and ahhhhhs from George and Molly (and me!). The bold colours and quality of the boxes immediately stood out. All the products are insulated too, which means food will stay nice and cool for the day!



We headed out over the weekend to a moth event and we packed a nice lunch to test them out. George picked the skull combo – he’s a big Ghostrider fan so this made total sense! Molly went for the black and white striped lunch box with a sequined heart on the front and drinks bottle.



There was another sequined one that went down well with both children and their friends!



Kids love anything with sequins, it’s such a sensory element and creating shapes and patterns on the heart was a big event in our house!

I love how proud George and Molly were walking around with their new lunch boxes, plus there was the added bonus that I didn’t have to carry everything!

As for quality, I think they’re fantastic. Each lunch box is really sturdy and holds a large amount of food. I popped in a sandwich, a packet of crisps and three pieces of fruit and there was still loads of room for more food! I love the drink slotting into the side of the bag because it’s easily accessible, essential for these hot, hot days.

As you can see, there’s a lot of choice, perfect for any child and their personal taste. I have to admit, the unicorn and dinosaur ones caught my fancy…



How fab are they? I adore the colours and style of all the boxes, and they were really easy for George and Molly to carry. I think they’d be perfect if they had little backpack straps, but you can’t have everything, right?!

There was also another lovely item within our goodie box – an amazing 5 piece pack. This pack includes the lunchbox with a drinks bottle, a freeze pack, a sandwich box and snack tube. This is an amazing set and perfect if you’re keen to cut back on things like clingfilm!



All these sets are available in-store at Asda from 10th July 2018 whilst stocks last. Thanks to Asda for these awesome lunch boxes, we are all totally in love with them!







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