Rediscovering Me: Fashion in Your Late 30’s

Rediscovering Me: Fashion in Your Late 30’s

*This is a collaborative post. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.


I’m fastly approaching 37 and it’s definitely been a soul defining year. Not only that but I think I’m just starting to realise who I want to be and how I want to look.


Rediscovering Me: Fashion in Your Late 30’s

I know it’s not all about how we look, but a big part of our lives is our identity. Identity includes your hair, face, clothing, shoes and all the things that give strangers that first impression. I’m never going to give a wholesome and ‘normal’ impression to strangers, and that’s okay. I’m slowly realising that being me the way I want to be me is the most important thing.

This is all thanks to a lovely blogger friend I recently made. If you haven’t checked out Abbie’s Instagram account yet, you should. It’s thanks to her that I’m starting to love myself without question. Her account is incredibly inspiring and it’s infectious! Go check her out…



So, inĀ  loving myself I’m discovering myself. Does that make sense?!



I’ve recently jumped into the world of pink hair. It’s an interesting journey, and although I thought I’d get loads of comments about it, I don’t. I think this might be because bold hair colours are so popular these days so I don’t really stand out. That’s a good thing in my opinion!

I might continue on the path of pink, but who knows… All I know is that I’m definitely not worrying about what colour my hair is and I’m worrying even less about what other people think!




I have ups and downs with clothes, depending on my mood and the weather! But I am delving into my wardrobe more as well as buying more clothes that make me smile (think bright leopard print and funky t-shirts!). Women’s fashion is so varied these days and this means we can all develop our own sense of style.

I’m madly in love with H&M at the moment but I also love having a little bid on eBay when I get chance. Some of my favourite clothes have cost me 99p…

I think we need to stop focusing on how we look in an outfit and think more about how we feel. We’d soon start wearing anything loved and stop worrying about other people’s opinions!




Shoes will always be a difficult one for me because I have really bad feet so I can’t wear heels. However it doesn’t mean I can’t have fun with shoes! One of my favourite pairs of shoes is a pair of red and black Converse Hi-Tops – they are so dreamy!




I dip in and out of make-up days and that’s okay. Recognising this need somedays is important, because I get to delve into colour and expression. Then on the days I don’t want to wear make-up I feel like a different, more subdued me. And both these versions of me are perfectly fine!



Before having kids I’d wear jewellery a lot more, but times change. Nowadays I try to remind myself to wear something (anything) because I miss it so much. I love wearing funky earrings and necklaces with skulls, I love extending my vibe of the day through my jewellery, don’t you?


I think I’m starting to really understand who I am and what I stand for. I know this might seem like a shallow post, but I think it actually runs deeper than what top we’re wearing.Each piece of clothing is an extension of ourselves, a way to show people who we are on the inside.


Is your appearance an extension of who you are?





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