Bohemian Bedroom Design: 5 Top Tips.

Bohemian Bedroom Design

You might have already seen how much I adore the bohemian vibe, from bold prints to layering, I am obsessed with all things boho! When it comes to bohemian bedroom design, I have some top tips for achieving this very awesome and inspiring look.

Bohemian Bedroom Design: 5 Top Tips.

I think the key to bohemian style is losing your fear when it comes to colour and design. There’s no such thing as too much! Embracing all things boho is a joy, so don’t be afraid!

Tip 1: Duvet Style

Rather than boring beige, opt for a bright and bold duvet design. I love anything with prints and pops of colour, and if you can match this to a boho design then your bedroom is halfway there!


Tip 2: Trinkets

More is more when it comes to bohemian design. Piles of books, lovely little trinkets and more all complete the boho style. I love being surrounded by books, and as for trinkets, well I’m an expert at collecting them! I love vases, jars, photographs and more!


Tip 3: Vintage mix

I love combining various style elements to create a bohemian style. Recently I was featured in a Laura Ashley blog post all about bedroom design. My top tip involved mirrors, because they create light and space. Depending on their style, they can also add to the boho vibe!


Tip 4: Colour

Don’t worry about adding loads of different colours to your bohemian bedroom. Lots of orange, pink, purple, blue… basically, anything goes! I am a big fan of the whole 70’s orange, yellow and pink vibe, but go with the colours that suit you the most…


Tip 5: Add some greenery

Plants can make all the difference to any room, but they definitely add a boho twist. Hanging plants are ideal, creating a vintage vibe. We’re quite obsessed with cactus plants, but I think anything goes as long as it’s green, right?!


Do you love the boho vibe? What would you add to the list?



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