5 Reasons to Quit Smoking Today

*This is a collaborative post.

If you have read the blog over the past few years, you’ll probably know how much I detest smoking. I still cringe when smoke wafts in my face; the stark reminder that my father is no longer here thanks to the aptly dubbed ‘cancer sticks’. I thought it would be a good idea to share my top 5 reasons to quit smoking, because I think anyone who is ‘addicted’ might find it useful.

5 Reasons to Quit Smoking Today


1. The smell

I don’t care what anyone says, smokers smell of smoke. It’s completely obvious when someone smokes, because you can smell it, and it isn’t nice. I remember taking an unworn coat back to Topshop when I was about 18 and being refused the refund. I lived with my parents and my Dad smoked inside our home, so the coat stank of fags. The manager refused to take the unworn, label attached coat back because of the stench…


2. Times have changed

The rules changed in most indoor venues, with smoking areas outside. There are also options avialable to help you break your habit, such as products from¬†Grey Haze.¬†There’s so many options available, it seems silly not to give them a go, right?


3. Cancer and other lung diseases

My Dad had asthma, COPD and lung cancer. At the end he had septicaemia and during his illness he was admitted with a whole host of lung-related problems. None of this is fun, he thought he was going to die so many times during his later life. It’s so heartbreaking to look back and remember. Is a quick puff worth this?!


4. It’s just not cool

No matter how old movies portray smoking, it’s just not cool. Nothing about it is cool. If we really look at the damage it causes whilst watching James Dean puff away, we’ll truly see how uncool it is.


5. Think about the future

From your own children (f you have them) to the next generation, think about what you’re advertising to them. If they see you filling your lungs full of smoke from cigarettes, they might presume it’s safe and cool to do it also. We reap what we sow, right?


I think there are many more reasons to stop smoking, to find an alternative outlet or healthy habit, it’s just about taking the first step.


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