My name is Kelly and I’m a mother, wife and writer living in Cardiff, South Wales. I am madly in love with my my wonderful singer/songwriter and all-round talented transgender wife Zoey, she inspires me to be me every single day! We are the very lucky parents to two adorable and energetic home educated children, George (9) and Molly (8), and we also share our home with our crazy labradoodle, Ziggy!

In 2007 I studied my MA in Creative Writing at Aberystwyth university. After this I moved to Cardiff to be with Zoey and George arrived soon after in 2009, followed by his little sister Molly in 2010. Before Molly was born we found out my father had lung cancer, so we packed up and moved to Birmingham. Whilst there I began studying as a midwife, but when my Dad died in 2013, Zoey and I woke up to a world of realisation. We both decided to follow our dreams; spending more time with our children, less work and more play, and of course, my dream to become a real writer.

So, we packed up and moved to Llantrisant, got a dog and started following our dreams. Life was up and down for us and in 2016 we removed the children from school (for various reasons) and I shelved my novel once again. As the children grew and I discovered the world of blogging, I started to realise how (if I could balance my time in a healthy and manageable way) I could be a writer alongside our home ed life.

In 2017 we moved to Cardiff for Zoey’s sound engineering degree and so we could all be closer to the city, both for home education and blog purposes. On New Year’s Eve 2018, Zoey came out to me as transgender and our life completely changed (in a good way!). I love to write about our experiences and thoughts about transgender family life, and I love to vlog about it all too.

I’m currently working on the final draft of my novel, The Moss Garden – a dystopian love story with a dose of  zombies and a few cheeky Bowie references! You can find more about this in the My Novel section of the blog. I hope to send it out into the wide world this year, and I dream of one day walking into Waterstones and seeing it amongst all the other fantastic YA novels!

I love to write poetry, and I share these poems on my blog and across my social media platforms. I find writing poetry a very cathartic process. I also write theatre, film, food, travel, book and event reviews as well as a section dedicated to my random thoughts, or should I say, rants about life!

I am passionate about people, love, gratitude and, most importantly, kindness. My favourite colour is green, I am obsessed with pineapples, I love David Bowie, Tom Cruise, and drinking copious amounts of tea!

So, that’s me and my crazy rebel family. I’m complicated, spontaneous, totally in love with my family, and so, so utterly full of words!


Where next?

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You can find out more about our home educating life over at The Rebel Tribe, a blog full of interesting adventures, reviews and resources.

We also have a new LGBTQ+ family focused blog Our Transitional Life, please check it out!