Stationery Must Haves for Writers

Stationery Must Haves for Writers

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Warren has recently finished university, so it’s time for me to focus on editing my book. Of course, with this comes a desperate need for stationery, so I thought I’d write a little stationery must have list for writers! Yes, this may be a way to avoid diving headfirst into the editing process, but it’ll surely get me in the mood!

Stationery Must Haves for Writers

We all love stationery, right?! Just holding a new pen gets me all excited, and I know I’m not alone. Of course, it’s not all about pens and pretty paperclips. Some items need to be sensible, but they still send my heart a flutter, purely because they create a sense of writing joy!

The perfect pen

You might have noticed my obsession with Lamy pens. I think they are simply wonderful and perfectly priced. I have one in mustard, black and a gorgeous silver one from my mother for my birthday. I would love a green one to add to my collection, *hint hint*!

The right chair

Your back and shoulders are so important. When you write or type you use so many muscles and I can often feel my upper body tensing up as I go. I try my best to relax my shoulders, but I think the right chair is key to fixing this issue.

Notepads, billions of them!

Who doesn’t love a good notepad?! I have loads of them. I have one I carry around with my diary ad it’s full to the brim with blogger related bits and bobs. I think it’s great to have designated notepads, but it’s also fun to have a doodle pad for those moments of writer’s block!

Organisational bits and bobs

From filing to ring-binders, it’s important to keep yourself organised! No matter what kind of writer you are. stationery must haves include something based on being organised. So a filing cabinet for all those ideas, or a ring binder to keep track of your blogging invoices are pretty essential.

Pretty paperclips and pins

Let’s get back to the pretty stuff! I adore paperclips. I use them to keep my various blog posts in order. I think they brighten the whole ‘work’ side of life, don’t you?

A gorgeous desk

I love my desk. It’s like a little haven of joy. When I have time to work or write at it, I feel like a real writer. Although I love my desk, I would love a new one in the future, but not until I’ve finished my book!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my list of Stationery Must Haves for Writers. If you can think of anymore writer related must-haves please let me know in the comments below.


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