Poem: Your Baby Face.

 I wrote this quickly this morning because I have been feeling a few different emotions about my children growing up. It’s dedicated to both of them and it needed to be said. We rush around in this life and things change so fast, we need to stop and breathe and be, before it’s too late.

Your Baby Face

I look at you and
your face has changed-

I wish you’d stop

growing… isn’t
slowing down.

A night’s sleep ages

another tooth
changes your face,

the race from
toddler to teen-

it comes too fast.

Other mothers, they
tell me how quickly it goes,

but now I’m in it,
tumbling along,

as you grow and

becoming tall and

And each morning you
look a little less like the you from yesterday.

I wish I could turn
back the clocks,

or freeze time

and enjoy each

Instead of worrying,

‘The house is a mess
I need to hoover mop and clean fill the washing machine, take out the
bins fill the cupboard with tins of beans and keep on finding things
to do, over and over and over again because that’s life, right?’

But your baby face
is fading,

you’re embracing the

I am…


I’m worried I’ve

your tiny chubby

your gurgles,

and Benjamin Button

Each day I see it in
your eyes-

you have the world
to conquer, and you will.

But for now be

don’t change,

don’t be afraid to
be small,

to need me once

Because each morning
you look a little less like the you from yesterday.

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