Poem: Imagine a World Where Everyone is Kind.

Imagine a World Where Everyone is Kind

All of my life it’s
been easy to find
a zillion reasons
and ways to be kind.
Opening doors,
smiling at strangers,
But sometimes this
kindness lands me in danger…

A target for
bullies, for spite, for fear;
it started with
kindness and ended in tears.
My tears.
My shame.
Wincing as they

Why can’t the world
be a kinder place?
Without the horror,
pain and disgrace
of bullies and
then maybe,
just maybe…
we might,
live in a happier
world with laughter and joy,
without those minds
who seek to destroy.

It’s not hard being
nice, thoughtful and true,
So I beg each and
every one of you…
love each moment,
smile, hug and kiss,
and please don’t
the importance of

Because I for one,
can’t stop my heart,
my hope or my mind,
from imagining a
world where everyone is kind.

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