Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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Who is feeling the love??? Well I certainly am… After the first anniversary of my Dad’s death, I now look upon Valentine’s Day as a bittersweet time. On the one hand it will always be the aftermath of death, but on the other it stands for love and living to love and loving to live… Something my Dad did, oh so well…

So for this Valentine’s Day, I have written a poem for my gorgeous husband, a poem of thanks and love and I hope you like it… more importantly, I hope my lovely husband man likes it… after all it is about him…


Because We Have You

When I think of you,
and all the things that you do…

Listening to to our troubles
and singing the blues away,
or making steamy mugs of tea
on those sad and desperate days…

I feel full of love for you-

Between us
lies such devotion,
extreme emotions,,,
we spluge in pink syrupy potions-
rocking and rolling like the erratic ocean.

It was certainly no fairytale…
there lies our happy ever after…

we are…
finally free-
because we have you, we are able to see…
because I have you, I can finally breathe.

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