Poem: Goodbye Old Love.

Poem: Goodbye Old Love.

I’m in a poetry kinda mood of late, and it’s nice to share them on here. I am literally popping up my first drafts so if they’re a little rough to you, now you know why! It’s nice to have an outlet and it works, I honestly think writing has kept me (somewhat!) sane…

I wrote this because it’s how I was feeling at the time, and that’s about it really. Hope you like it!

Pssst… a lot of what I write sounds better read out loud, so I might vlog a couple of my poems soon. Watch this space!

It’s broken in two,
split through the middle-
No blood can be seen
between the crack,
the hurt

translucent vibes,
a feast fit for betrayal-
the final nail
in the coffin?

Above me you stand-
no longer grand or beautiful
to me.
All I see is black.
The attack of lost souls,
I dissolve.

Goodbye old love.

Bile burns my bones,
But I’m not alone
in rejecting the tradmark clones-
I rise from the flames,
and you’ll see…

conforming was never an option
for me.


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