The 2 R’s! Why You Need A “Reading Room”.

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It doesn’t cross many people’s minds- when you’re looking to make a place in your home that is a relaxing haven, a reading room is something that sounds like it is relegated to the past. But, in actual fact, it’s something that can benefit everybody in your house. From the kids that are studying for school, to the parents who have to get some life admin done in peace and quiet, to those who actually want to sit down and read. So, when it comes to creating a reading room, what do you need?
A Relaxing Area
Whether you need to study, or you need to force your brain into switching off, a place where you can feel comfortable is essential. We all study or read in our own specific way. But if you’re of the predilection that you need to relax, a sofa is essential. Suppliers like Alexander and James Sofas are one of those that provide various styles so you can either make your study room look as rustic or as modern as you wish. While we all have this impression that a reading room can be a stuffy place, full of browns and grays, this actually doesn’t need to be the case. You can make it as part of your home’s general aesthetic.
Lots Of Light
It’s quite obvious, isn’t it? If you are reading, you need lots of light! Either using a bright desk lamp so that your pages are illuminated, or having the option to make the room as light or as dim as you want with a dimmer switch, are two options. Whatever your choice of light, it’s important to make sure that you can see what you’re meant to be studying. And if you are using a reading room for the purposes of studying, it’s important that you don’t fall asleep…
Smooth Surfaces
A desk is par for the course when you are creating a reading room. Not everybody wants to relax; they want to be focused and attentive. This means you need an ergonomic chair that supports the back but also keeps them upright, but also, a desk that is flat, not too high, and not too low, so they can stay in this attentive posture.
“Thinking” Colors
This isn’t something that’s always communicated, but having the appropriate stimuli around will force your brain into a certain mode. Of course, many interior designers talk about painting your rooms a relaxing color, like blue or off-white, but if you are using your reading room for the purposes of sheer, unwavering focus, then you need colors that are going to stimulate your brain. This is a delicate balance, because you don’t want to make it overly distracting, but make it enough that your brain gets the message and stays the distance, whether it’s for an all-night study session, or a particularly enthralling piece of literature.
We all need a reading room, because it says so many purposes. Because we don’t have the luxury a lot of the time, we go for the essentials in the house. But even if you don’t have a room to dedicate to this, having a corner of a room, or overhauling a home office, will prove to be an invaluable addition to your home.

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