5 Small Steps to Becoming a Writer (or Blogger!)

Image source: Pexels. *This is a collaborative post.

Today I thought I’d share my 5 small steps to becoming a writer. Being a writer is a joyous thing, and I’m sure there’s a writer in all of us. I never ever thought my life would lead me to writing a blog, let alone a novel, but fate has a funny way of guiding us. I’ve been guided towards my blog and my novel over the years, but I think a few other key ingredients have helped!

5 Small Steps to Becoming a Writer (or Blogger!)

There are many ways to become a writer or blogger, but the most essential step is…

1. Write!

There’s no point daydreaming about it, you need to just get on with it. Grab a pen and pad or a laptop and write. Well? What are you waiting for?

2. Tea. And lots of it!!!

I can’t live without a decent cuppa, it keeps me sane some days! When you’re sat in front of a computer for a long period then a cuppa is much needed!

3. A gorgeous pen (Thanks Mom!)

A pen is such an essential, not just because you write with it, but because it’s a badge of honour. Make it a gorgeous one.

3. Time…

Hmmmm now this is a tricky one… since the kiddies are home educated I struggle for writing time… BUT it can be done 🙂 Write a rota or work in the evenings, it’ll be tiring but oh-so worth it!

4. An eye test

It’s so important to keep your eyes in optimal health. Getting regular check ups at the opticians is crucial. Nowadays there’s loads of choice when it comes to prescription glasses, and these days they even sell prescription sunglasses, so you can write whilst you’re sat in the sunshine!

5. Hope.

The hope that you can succeed, that you will achieve, that even if you only get published once, that is enough to reward all those long hours of thinking, writing, typing and making all those worlds for other people to enjoy as much as you enjoyed writing them.
So this is me today and every day… When I have some time I try to focus on writing and drinking tea and hoping…. really really hoping… xxx




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