Review: Orbit Theatre Presents Singin’ in the Rain at New Theatre

*I received tickets in exchange for this review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.

Last night I attended New Theatre to catch Singin’ in the Rain along with George, Molly and Nanny Kim. We’re a bit of a musical loving family, so we were really excited to see how the original 1952 movie would be transferred to stage.


Review: Orbit Theatre Presents Singin’ in the Rain at New Theatre

I love Singin’ in the Rain, and with Gene Kelly as my namesake, I wondered how a stage show would compare. The set was simple yet effective, with lots of interesting props in keeping with the original movie.

The costumes were really beautiful and varied. I loved how the set and costume complimented each other throughout the show. There was also a very clever stage set up for the big song Singin’ in the Rain, but I can’t say anything else without giving it away!

When it comes to performance, my favourites had to be Kathy Selden (Patsy Nearkhou-Davies) and Cosmo Brown (Daniel Ivor Jones). They both created their own versions of these characters, and performed them with passion and professionalism.

The cast as a whole offered fun, entertainment and talent in abundance. There was a lot of energy upon the stage, with changing scenes and lovely choreographed scenes.

In the first act I really enjoyed All I Do Is Dream Of You, Make ‘Em Laugh and Good Mornin’. They were all well produced numbers and I really loved dancing along with Molly and George throughout the show.

There were a few sound issues throughout, with the orchestra at the forefront of a lot of the show. This was such as shame as there was an abundance of talent upon the stage.

However, this performance has been created with respect and love for the original film. Each tiny detail is key within a performance like this, and I think they achieved this perfectly.

This is a feel good performance with a lot of laughs and sentimentality, so if you’re a fan you should book your tickets now!

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