Book Review: Maggie’s Kitchen by Caroline Beecham

*This book was gifted in exchange for review.

I love books and when I’m offered the chance to review one, well I get a teeny bit excited! I am so chuffed to share my book review of Maggie’s Kitchen by Caroline Beecham here on the blog. For those of you with an interest in WWI and food, this book is the perfect read! You’re thinking, that’s an odd combination, right? Well, actually it’s not…

Book Review: Maggie’s Kitchen by Caroline Beecham

Maggie’s Kitchen tells a tale of love, war, passion and food. It follows Maggie, a very talented cook, living and working against the backdrop of war. Thanks to the war, Maggie has to come to terms with her loss, but in doing so she discovers how brave she really is! When she opens a restaurant to help feed all those affected by the war, Maggie faces adversity, but with a team of wonderful friends she learns she can deal with anything!

On her journey of discovery she meets Robbie, a young boy waiting for his father to return from the war. She also meets Janek, a Polish refugee. Over time she begins to fall slowly in love with him, but can they ever truly be together?

The book is a feast of the senses, with descriptions to tantalise your taste-buds! The chapters begin with excerpts from war cookery leaflets. These provide us with an insight into the troubling world of war; they’re very humbling indeed! I really enjoyed reading these little quotes because they give a true insight into the times that have passed.



Maggie’s character is extremely well written, and at the end of the book she almost felt like one of my friends. The book is very easy to read, with gorgeous descriptions of Islington. From textures to sounds, Beecham has created a world of vibrancy and colour, despite the wartime setting.

Furthermore, as readers, we really gain an insight into each character’s personality and opinions on the different subjects running through the novel. I loved Maggie’s patience during her interactions with other characters, in particular Rose and Mr Boyle.

I loved Robbie and really rooted for his survival throughout the book. He really stood out to me as a well written character, and I could also sympathise with Maggie’s love and worry over him. The main relationships within the book are exceptionally well written and a pleasure to read.

Maggie’s Kitchen is such a delight to read! It really shows how brutal war is, and Beecham’s writing style is very eloquent, but also accessible – both essential for avid book readers!

This book is definitely a must-read, and I look forward to reading it again.


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