Gorgeously Green: Wicked Review at Wales Millennium Centre

Gorgeously Green: Wicked Review at Wales Millennium Centre

Last night was a frenzy of glitter and green, with the premier of Wicked at Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay. We were so excited to attend the press night, it was full of fun, laughter and green!


Gorgeously Green: Wicked Review at Wales Millennium Centre


I’ve never seen Wicked before, but obviously I’ve heard the songs on the radio or shared on social media so I had an idea how the musical side of things would work. The stage was gloriously set with beautiful props, interchangeable set pieces and clever lighting. A huge dragon looked down on us from above the stage, and although it was mightily impressive, in hindsight I have no idea what its purpose was with regards to the show.

The costumes were exceptionally rich and vibrant, with bold colours and so much green… Did you know I like green?! It was like a dream come true to see my favourite colour in abundance and I soon regretted wearing blue for the night!

For me personally, there were a few things that didn’t quite work throughout the performance. For example, the songs left me feeling a little underwhelmed and the dialogue wasn’t heart wrenching enough, especially during some rather sad and poignant moments. When the Wizard discovers some very hard hitting news, his reaction is completely unrealistic, and when Elphaba falls in love, she describes herself as feeling ‘wicked’, which made no sense to me at all! Of course, these are my thoughts and reactions, and it doesn’t mean you will feel the same.

The storyline also offers plot holes in correlation to the incredible Wizard of Oz movie. Certain storylines and actions just don’t add up and this left me feeling a bit let down. I won’t go into detail (spoilers!), but some elements didn’t sit inline with the original story. Yes, it’s described as a re-imagining, but when it comes to the scarecrow I can’t get my head around it at all, plus all the storyline points in the original Wizard of Oz are the same within this story, so I was left wondering how it all adds up…



On the up side, the performance from Amy Ross (Elphaba) is completely faultless. Her voice was effortless and she sang with such purity and heart. I thought her performance was wonderful throughout, and I definitely related to her as a character. Charli Bapti was perfectly placed within the show as Glinda. I loved how irritatingly perfect she was, and her performance was also excellent as the annoying and submissive counterpart.

Aaran Sidwell (Steven Beale from Eastenders) plays Fiyero with charm and attention to detail. When he falls for Elphaba I could feel his emotion run through me because of his dedicated performance. I also loved his energy upon the stage, you could tell he was enjoying every second, however sometimes the music drowned him out during some musical elements of the show.

It has to be said that the orchestra gave an outstanding performance. Listening to them play gave me goosebumps and I left the theatre with joy in y heart because of the music they created for the show.

If you love Wicked then the show will not disappoint, if you’re new to it then you will lap up the gorgeous green and vibrancy of the performance. Either way, you’re guaranteed to see some amazing performances and have a fun night at a wonderful venue in the heart of Cardiff Bay.

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