Review: Princess Charming at Chapter Arts

Review: Princess Charming at Chapter Arts

I’m so excited to share my review of Princess Charming at Chapter Arts! Created by Spun Glass Theatre, this production challenges gender stereotypes and breaks socially oppressive boundaries.


Review: Princess Charming at Chapter Arts

We love going to the theatre as a family, and this particular topic is very close to our hearts. Both George and Molly break the stereotypes pushed on us by society and commercialism. George has long hair (and gets really fed up being called a girl – boys have long hair too!), Molly loves getting mucky and she has the messier room (hehe), both play with dolls and trucks and they like to wear what they like to wear without following the ‘rules’ assigned to us in clothing stores.

Still, it’s a subject we like to work on and talk about, because no one should be constrained by gender stereotypes and no one should be judged based on their sexual organs (or judged at all!).

The theatre was split with pink decorations on one side and blue on the other, and the two performers were dressed to match. Princess Charming is a cabaret show full of lots of snippets covering the topic of gender stereotypes.

I thought both performers were wonderful throughout the show. You could really feel their strong relationship and their professionalism shone through. They were both animated, incredibly talented and they gave 100% to their performances.

There was quite a lot of sarcasm during the show that could perhaps be misinterpreted by younger children and therefore reinforcing of gender stereotypes. However, if your child ‘gets it’ then this show certainly shakes up the idea of what and who we should be.

I particularly loved the spin on the Radiohead song Creep during the latter part of the show – it was really emotional and beautifully performed. I also thought a lot of the stories were incredibly sad, and I struggled to hold back the tears. I adored their encouraging words, audience interaction and the music running throughout.

Princess Charming is a fun, clever and interactive performance. It makes you question yourself as a parent, it makes you think about the ridiculous concept of ‘boy’s toys’ and ‘girl’s toys’ and above all, ti will open your children’s eyes to the many possibilities before them, without the pressure to ft into a gender box.


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