Cute Pumpkin Craft With Hobbycraft!

Cute Pumpkin Craft With Hobbycraft!

*Thanks to Hobbycraft for our little mache pumpkins for this craft.

I absolutely adore this cute Pumpkin Craft thanks to Hobbycraft! We love getting creative, and this is a really nice craft, perfect for the Halloween season.


Cute Pumpkin Craft With Hobbycraft!

It’s so simple to create this cute Pumpkin Craft from Hobbycraft, and they’re a snip at £2 for four! Obviously you can decorate them however you wish, but we went for paint and glitter, and we had a lot of fun!



We got a few paints out and a bit of glitter on the go and we all created our own unique versions of these little guys…



And this is how they turned out…


Aren’t they awesome? How would you paint yours?


Happy Halloween!

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