Book Review and Craft: Tropical Terry by Jarvis

*Thanks to Walker Books for this fantastic book to review.

We recently received Tropical Terry by Jarvis form Walker Books to review. You might know we’re a bit keen on crafts, so we decided to pop a craft together to go with the book.

Book Review and Craft: Tropical Terry by Matthew Jarvis

Jarvis is on to a winner with Tropical Terry. It has several very important messages within it, and they are told with quirky writing and bold illustrations.


Terry longs to be like the other colourful fish under the sea. He is often overlooked for playing childish games and being so small. He wishes he was more ‘tropical’, so one day he and his pals create the most elaborate and colourful costume. Terry has been transformed! However, being the biggest and brightest fish under the sea has its downfalls, as Terry is about to find out…



Tropical Terry is a fantastic book. It really goes to show that being different is a wonderful thing. I love how Terry goes from not really liking who he is to loving his own quirks and traits, without comparing himself to others. This is a fantastic thing to teach children.

I think the relationship he has with his friends is very well played out. Their friendship is the key to Terry discovering how fabulous he really is. I love the rhythm of the book and the illustrations are so gorgeously bold and colourful.


Make a Pinecone Terry!

Molly takes 100% credit for this craft. She thought of it all and I just joined in and snapped a few pictures! It was really fun to create and it goes perfectly with Tropical Terry.

You will need:

Glue dots


Googly eyes


Foam paper

Sequins (optional)


Step One:

Add googly eyes to the front of the pinecone.


Step 2:

Use Sharpies to decorate the scales! You can go tropical or stick to one colour.

Step 3:

Draw a tail fin onto a piece of foam. Cut it out, flip it over and draw around it. Cut the second fin out.


Step 4:

Use glue dots (or any glue!) to stick the fins together, but leave the narrow end. Once the tail is stuck together, open up the narrow end and pop a glue dot on both sides but DO NOT let them stick together!


Step 5:

turn your fish around so you’re viewing the narrow end. Pop the narrow end of the fin over the top of one of the spindly bits and press together so it sticks to the pinecone.


Step 6:

Cut out little fins for the side of your fish and use glue dots to stick them on.


Step 7 (optional) :

Embellish your tail with sequins or Sharpies.


Aren’t they gorgeous? I love this craft and I’m so impressed Molly designed them and taught me how to make one! I love them. It was great seeing her play with them afterwards too! It’s a bit of a fiddly craft, so I think children 6+ are more suited to it, but you can easily adapt it to suit different ages.

We love Tropical Terry, and I highly recommend checking it out (and trying out craft!).

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