Review: Stick Man at New Theatre

Review: Stick Man at New Theatre

*We received free tickets in exchange for this review.


Yesterday we went to New Theatre in Cardiff to see Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler’s Stick Man. We adore the book and I was very keen to see how it would be transferred to stage by Scamp Theatre.

Review: Stick Man at New Theatre

Who doesn’t love the Stick Man book?! It’s an awesome story and it has a massive Christmas vibe, perfect for this time of year as we head into the winter season.

The story follows Stick Man and his journey away from hist Stick Lady Love and their Stick Children. He is taken by a dog, a child and even used as a flat stick for a castle at the beach. But when he lands up stuck in the snow, Stick Man’s life is at risk, and there’s only one person that can save him…

The stage was set with minimal props and decoration, but we immediately spied the vast array of instruments on the one side of the stage. The performance started and the children (and adults) in the audience were immediately mesmerised!



The dialogue was transferred to song during parts of the show, but there seemed to be some sound issues (for me at least) as I couldn’t really hear parts of the performance. However, the energy from the cast was high and delightful. It was obvious they loved performing together, and the interaction with the audience was fantastic!



The props are very clever and there are lots of visual elements to the show. I particularly loved the scene with the rubber rings and beach ball, it was really exciting for the children in the audience!

I think this show is fun and the stage props are spot on, but the sound was a bit of an issue for me and the stage was perhaps a bit too sparse. However, if you’re a huge fan of Stick Man then you will love this show!

Stick Man is running at New Theatre until 20th October 2018.

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