Sing-a-long The Rocky horror Picture Show at Cardiff Open Air Theatre

*Thanks to Cardiff Open Air for tickets.

On Saturday Cardiff Open Air Theatre presented Sing-a-Long The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Warren and I were so excited, we love Rocky Horror so we were geared up to have a good sing-song.

The night was hosted by a very funny compère. We literally didn’t stop laughing, each time she came on stage she was quick witted and extremely engaging with the audience. There was a lovely fancy dress segment where we were able to check out everyone’s costumes.

We were also given a lovely goodie bag with a few bits in (rubber glove, party popper etc), but I would have loved a little water gun too! It was really nice having some props to use throughout the movie, and everyone really got into the swing of things…

I’m hoping all my readers already know the story of Rocky, and if you don’t I’m not planning on telling you, because I want you to watch it! The film is full of fun, laughter, darkness, sexual innuendos and a lot of heart. The music and lyrics are amazing and I promise you’ll be hooked!

It was a lot of fun taking part in this event, I can only hope they consider adding it to their list for next year’s theatrical performances!



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