Make a Moon Base in a Box! #BostikBloggers

*Thank you to Craft Merrily and Bostik for our lovely goodies to make this fab scene!

Once again it’s #BostikBlogger time and I’m so super excited to share this craft, because it was designed by George! Bostik and Craft Merrily sent us some lovely bits and bobs and George decided to create a gorgeous moon themed box.

Make a Moon Base in a Box! #BostikBloggers

What you’ll need:

  • white card/paper
  • black card/paper
  • Sharpies
  • gems
  • plasticine
  • Bostik Glu Dots
  • Bostik Tape Discs
  • cardboard box
  • small box
  • white cup


How to make it:

1.Cut box to size…


2. Create a moon pattern with circles using s Sharpie on white card/paper…



3. Attach the black card/paper and white card/paper to the box with Bostik Glu Dots and Tape Discs to create a background…


4. Decorate a white cup to make a moon base…


5. Decorate the black background with stars or other embellishments to make it look like space!

6. Add in your moon base and crystal rocks to add to the vibe of the moon activity box…


7. Use plasticine to create little aliens and add them into the scene…


8. Make a little space rover from a little box to add to your scene…


9. Play and have fun!


George loved making and playing with this little activity scene, he was really keen to make it and I think he’s done an excellent job!


Let us know if you make your own moon base, we’d love to see your photos!


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