Review: Tefal Fasteo SV6035 Pressurised Steam Generator Iron AO

*Thanks to AO for this lovely iron for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.


I’m so excited to share my latest review: Tefal Fasteo SV6035 Pressurised Steam Generator Iron from AO. I’m not particularly big on ironing, so I was keen to see if I could finally enjoy doing it!


Review: Tefal Fasteo SV6035 Pressurised Steam Generator Iron AO

When the steam iron arrived I actually couldn’t wait to test it out. It looked like very good quality and retails at £80. It’s compact yet it seeks to offer a service that makes life easier when it comes to chores.


I popped a little video together to show you exactly how it works and some examples of me ironing (I actually enjoyed it!)…


The iron is very nice to look at, and I really prefer its stand compared to leaving an iron on the ironing board. The iron stands never really feel stable to me!

The steam base is really simple to use, and the light flashes whilst it heats up (in a matter of minutes!).



The dial on the actual iron is pretty standard, so again it’s very easy to use. I think it’s a bit confusing when you go from a normal iron to this, but once you get used to switching on and selecting your settings for the base, all you need to do is select your heat settings for the actual iron.



My clothes were iron within seconds, and it was so EASY! I love how it glides across clothes and creates smooth and silky results. It really is fantastic and so easy to use.

It’s an incredibly easy iron to use, and with all it’s functions I think it’s great value for money at £80. If you’re looking to up your ironing game and make life easier for yourself, then this is the iron for you!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my review of the Tefal Fasteo SV6035 Pressurised Steam Generator Iron, if you get your hands on one let me know what you think!


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