The Plan

So, if you know me you will know that I have studied writing for a few years, as well as doing odd bits on the side with different types of writing jobs such as blogs or city guides.

Since my Father died (barely 2 weeks ago) I have had a conflict of interest with my current life. I am supposedly studying to become a midwife. A subject I am very passionate about, but it has come with a lot of sacrifices… Firstly, I have stopped writing. This saddens me. Secondly, I have less time for my family; constantly stressed/strained as I use all my energy for midwifery. Even though I love the subject, I felt I had an epiphany the week after my Father’s death.

My Father loved his life- he loved his job as a cinema projectionist, he loved his family and he had done everything in his life that he wanted to do when he died. I realised over the next few days that I had stopped doing the one thing I loved; writing!!!! Not only did I have this realisation, so did my husband.

If you know Warren, you will know he has one hell of a talent: his voice! He also realised how precious life is and we talked at length about what would make us happy. It was pretty simple…

We wanted to do what we loved most, even if we had less money, stability and an unconventional ‘career’… We have told no one of our plans in full as yet, and I will not reveal it here just yet, as we are planning to ‘go off the radar’ for a while to sort our lives out. We are taking time out with our children and my Mother to make some important decisions about our future together as a family. The one word that kept cropping up each time we talked about what we want most in our lives and it was ‘happiness’.

We know there will be those out there that decide to judge us, but these are the people who don’t really know us and know what courage it will take to do what we plan to do. So, instead of questioning and reasoning, be proud we are aiming for a better life for ourselves, rich in love and happiness… not necessarily ££££££ xxxxxxxxxxxx

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