Review: Let It Be at Wales Millennium Centre

                                                                                                *Thank you to WMC for complimentary press tickets in exchange for this review


Last night Warren and I attended the press night for Let It Be at Wales Millennium Centre. You might (or might not) know that I’m a HUGE fan of the Beatles and as we approached the theatre I felt a sense of excitement building up inside my tummy!

Review: Let It Be at Wales Millennium Centre

The whole place was buzzing and there was a general sense of love in the room. Four television screens were dotted around the stage and during the performance they would use these to show up close shots of the band as well as historical and memorable moments of the past.

There was one particular piece of footage that raised a few eyebrows; a smoking advertisement. Rather than be offended by this (I’m really anti-smoking!) I felt it opened up a dialogue between myself and Warren, and if the children had been there we would have had a very interesting conversation, I’m sure! I like that it focused on something we now know is so bad for you, and it kinda makes you question what you’re doing/consuming these days!

The set and lighting was fantastic throughout, I loved the ever changing scenery and costumes. It really gives it a full-rounded feel during the show and offers visual stimulation to the gorgeous musical performances.

When it comes to the Fab Four, I have to say I was mightily impressed. It’s hard not to thoroughly compare them to the original Beatles, in fact I’d say it’s pretty natural.



I was immediately drawn to Paul (Emanuele Angeletti) who has learnt to play some songs left-handedly, even though he’s a ‘rightie’! His stage presence was very professional and he was incredibly warm towards the audience and the rest of the band. His voice was angelic and I particularly loved his performance of Hey Jude – the crowd went wild too!

With regards to John Lennon (Michael Gagliano) I was a little wary at first. But, as soon as he sat at the piano and began to sing, I was hooked! He moved around the stage like Lennon and really got the audience going with jokes and encouraging hand-clapping. I think the most emotional part of the night was listening to him perform Imagine, and I truly had to fight back the tears…

Ringo (Ben Cullingworth) was incredibly cute and sweet as he sat drumming away at the back of the stage. When he sang With A Little Help From My Friend everyone was loving it and I have to say, I felt very proud of lovely Ringo during this moment!

George (yes, George our son is named after this lovely man!) was performed by John Brosnan. He gave a very talented guitar performance but I wasn’t 100% sure of his vocal performance, because at times I couldn’t hear what he was singing… I am being INCREDIBLY fussy about this though (because I love him so!) so don’t take my word for it, go and see the show yourself!

Apart from Imagine, the highlight of the night was definitely the performances of Blackbird and Here Comes The Sun. They completely stole my heart and I felt a little emotional during these songs, as I’m sure other members of the audience did.

We had the loveliest night in a long time and it left me feeling quite thoughtful about life, the world we live in and how much these four guys from Liverpool are still so incredibly loved.

I think I received a very good reminder that, all you need is love…

Have you seen the show? What did you think?

Prices start from £15.00 and the show is on 25th August.




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