Review: Me and My Bee at Sherman Theatre

*Thank you to Sherman for press tickets.

Yesterday Molly and I went to review Me and My Bee at Sherman Theatre. We love having quality time together and we love bees, so we were definitely onto a winner!

Review: Me and My Bee at Sherman Theatre

Me and My Bee is a production brought to the stage by This Egg. Me and My Bee focuses on a political party, within a party, disguised as a show. As soon as we stepped foot into their world we were provided with audience interaction, comedy and facts. Buzzy Bee Joe set the scene as he danced around to music whilst people chose their seats.

Soon the show began as we’re transported into their world. A political party for bees, sounds crazy right? But it’s not. It’s perfect, it’s emotional, it’s vital. As we learned yesterday, if bees become extinct, humans would have 4 years left to live. We can’t live without their pollination, and that’s a scary thought indeed!

I think the show was very informative and I loved the sense of strength and unity between the performers, even during their argumentative moments…

I do think it’s more adult friendly, as Molly became restless during some parts of the show. The performance is scattered in facts, wisdom and lots of sarcasm between the characters and audience. I think it’s close to being quite edgy, and if it made the leap into a darker, sinister and swear-ier (I know that’s not a word!) world it would be perfect for adult audiences alone.

The set is minimal, with a few props and a flipchart. I liked the minimalist side of things because it suited the performance. However, I do feel there were times when it lost momentum in terms of entertaining the children. It is a very serious show in terms of subject, and I think this is why it would work more for adults.

Let’s not forget, it’s the adults that need to be the change in this world. Children are already aware and rarely stalk around thoughtlessly when it comes to other living beings. Us adults are the ones that should be paving the way for their future, right?

From a vegan point of view, I imagine not everyone would be okay with the discussion about eating honey, but this is based on personal opinion and not a criticism of the show.

There were so many interesting facts, such as why a bee dies after it stings and how many bees it takes to make a certain amount of honey. Find out some interesting facts here.

I think Me and My Bee is an important theatrical performance. It opens your eyes to just how wonderful bees are, and how we can save them. I adored receiving a little package with bee treats (seeds for planting) in as we left the theatre; these special touches are just perfect.

You can catch Me and My Bee in Manchester next, check out their schedule here.


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