15 Wonderful Ways Being a Parent Changes You…

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Like most folk, I am such a different person since having children and recently I’ve been thinking about all the different ways being a parent changes you. Some of them make me giggle, whilst others are a bit more sentimental. Check out my list and see if any  of them  resonate with you…


15 Ways Having Children Has Changed Me


1. We learn to love insects

Tonight I scooped up a tiny worm in my bathroom and popped him into a plant pot. I didn’t even think about it. I hold woodlice and shield bugs and other interesting insects without question. My slight edginess around spiders is kept at bay for the sake of my children. I am embracing all these little lives because my children have taught me to…



2. We dissect poo

I literally have a PhD in poo thanks to my kids. I’ve seen it all, even with worms in (hahaha!) – it just doesn’t phase me. We talk openly about our poo in this house and it’s become a very interesting conversation point! Do you have a PhD in poo?


3. We see things that aren’t there

Our imaginations are rich with worlds, colours and creatures thanks to our little ones. In this house we’re chased by zombies on a regular basis, we see animals and other unusual shapes in the clouds. I’m never quite sure when Spiderman or a puppy dog may walk into the room. Their imaginations are wild and it’s infectious!



4. We’re prepared for any given situation

Does anyone else’s bag contains anything you may need at any given time? Mine is…

Umbrella? Check.

First aid kit? Check.

Hand gel? Check.

My bag is full to the brim of things I *might* need. The deep satisfaction of needing something from my bag is definitely worth carrying the heavy weight around on a daily basis!


5. We’re Disney experts

Well, who doesn’t love Disney?! And which parents out there aren’t Disney experts?! Surely it comes with the territory? I know my  Tangled from my Moana and I love it. It reminds me of my own childhood, lost in a world of adventure. Who doesn’t love talking fish and dancing candelabras?!


6. Going to softplay has replaced going to the pub

Hands up, who else spends their time giggling in the ballpit and bounding around with the kids these days?! Gone are the days of relaxed sunny afternoons in the local beer garden… We’re too busy buying slushies and trying to keep up with our little ones as they race around. Sometimes I even get stuck between the rollers, but it’s always worth it…



7. We’re happy looking ridiculous

I’m a worrier and very self conscious, but when the kids are around I just don’t care! My job is pass on good vibes, not my negative personality traits. Plus, they just make me feel relaxed and loved, like I can take on the whole world. So bring on silly dancing, let them style my hair and let’s skip through the streets!



8. We are patient

More so than ever before. I hear my name several times every few minutes and I respond accordingly. Occasionally I joke, ‘I’m going to change my name next week…’ but I don’t mean it. Yes, some days I am overwhelmed by the questions, but I know I wouldn’t have it any other way. Afterall, questions mean learning and one day they won’t need me in this way anymore…


9. We’re fantastic peacekeepers

No joke, I can literally stop World War III. When the kids kick off I am a master at negotiation and within a few minutes things are peaceful and calm again. I totally deserve some sort of peace prize, don’t you?


10. Drinking hot food and drink fast is our favourite party trick

When a little life arrives it’s usually time to accept cold food and drinks for the inevitable future. Luckily I am an expert at eating and drinking hot things, so I never have to miss out on delicious food and drink when the kids call… Anyone else?!



11. Our hearts are always growing

As the kids grow, so does my love for them. There are times when I think my heart might explode, because I’m just sooooooooo proud of them. I’ve never known a feeling like it, and I never want it to end.


12. We’re kinda scared to die

Morbid one, I know! But before having kids I never thought much about death. Then when my Dad died, and since having kids, it’s always in the back of my mind. I don’t want to die yet because I want to be there for them 100%… I want to defend them, hold them and spend time with them marvelling at the glorious world.


13. We have a favourite Julia Donaldson book

We are obsessed with Julia Donaldson as well as other children’s authors, and t’s safe to say I have one favourite book of hers I love to read… I can take on the whole world. These books are magical and I love reading them with my children. What’s your favourite?


14. Nothing phases us

Whether they’re peeing in a bush or telling me about the ‘weird’ smell coming from the stranger on the bus, I have become a lot better at handling these awkward situations! Beside,s it gives us a chance to develop our own confidence and kindness.


15. Nothing is precious

Snot is generously wiped onto my clothes, slime streaks my hair and my phone is dropped several times per day. But who cares?! It’s just stuff.


So, these are the 15 ways being a parent changes you, can you relate to any? Do you have any to add?


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