Back to ‘Home School’ with Disney Store!

*Thank you to Disney Store for these amazing goodies!


We are so excited to be able to share Disney Store’s Back to School Range! Whether you’re a home educating family or not, these gorgeous products are perfect for any Disney lover.

Back to ‘Home School’ With Disney Store!

I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who doesn’t like Disney, from brave heroines like Moana to the classic and loveable Mickey Mouse, there’s something for everyone.

We recently received a gorgeous bundle of Back to School items for George and Molly. George received a shed load of Marvel items (he’s a massive fan!) and Molly received Lilo and Stitch goodies.

They opened the box with such excitement and it was great to hear them talk about what they felt was important for their Back to Home School essentials…


We received:

  • Thor Keyring £5.99
  • Hulk Food Storage Container £4.00
  • Spider-Man Water Bottle £7.00
  • Infinity War Notebooks £12.00
  • Iron Man Pencil Case £9.00
  • Infinity War Lunch Bag £11.00
  • Spider-Man Backpack £17.00
  • Stitch Soft Keyring £6.00
  • Stitch Adhesive Patches £5.00
  • Stitch Notebook and Folder Set £10.00
  • Stitch Water Bottle £7.00
  • Stitch Wallet £10.00 (currently on sale for £4.99)
  • Stitch A5 Notebook £8.00
  • Stitch Rolling Luggage Backpack £25.00


When it comes to home education, as a family we believe there are a few important essentials. George and Molly absolutely loved their rucksacks and it was really fun talking to them about their must haves for our home education adventures. We spend a lot of time out and about, so this list is based on that kind of lifestyle…

Back to Home School Essentials According to George and Molly

  • A rucksack to keep all your important bits and bobs in
  • A drinks bottle to keep hydrated throughout the day
  • A notepad to keep notes, write stories or draw pictures whilst on your travels
  • A pencil case to store pens and pencils
  • A lunchbox/cool bag to keep food fresh and cool
  • Something cuddly to hug

I think that’s a pretty good list, don’t you?! They loved packing their gorgeous rucksacks with these goodies and Molly loved the fact that hers has wheels on the bottom to make it easier for her to transport around.



There were some favourites within the bundles for both George and Molly. Molly adores her Lilo and Stitch drinks bottle and George has been writing and drawing in his Marvel books already!



There are also very quirky accessories to choose from, such as this gorgeous Stitch purse and cuddly soft keyring…



I am really excited for the start of our 2018/19 educational year now. These products from Disney Store will make our lives a lot easier, organised and fun! We can use the products to get out and about with ease, so trips to the museums, beaches and other educational places will be so much easier to organise.

There’s also a Princess and Mickey Mouse range to choose from, if you prefer those characters, so there really is something for everyone! I also think the range is very reasonably priced, for example I’ve seen plain water bottles on sale in other stores for more than £7.

I think the Disney Store are spot on with their collection, and it will encourage children to be more self-led, plus they#ll be keen to carry and sort out their own things which will, in turn, help the daily tasks run a lot more smoothly.

You can see more of their collection on the Disney Store website.


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