Summer Holiday Fun: Shadow Puppets


                                                                                                                                                                        *Thanks to Varta for our goodie bag!


You may have already seen our post about Varta‘s summer fun activities, our first one focusing on magnets and electricity. It was a lot fun!

This time we’ve been looking at light and dark, in particular shadow puppets! We were given a torch and a little book all about shadow puppets, and it resulted in the kind of fun that I had to cut short because soon it was bedtime!

George and Molly adored this activity. They were lost in a world of shadows and shapes, and I loved watching them interact as I shone the torch and snapped some pics (for once I was okay at multitasking!).

Check out the photos below to see how we got on…



We had an awesome time and regardless of the bits we received from Varta, this is the kind of activity anyone can do as long as you have a torch or lamp 🙂

I think we’ll be doing it a lot more over the next few weeks!




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