90 Days of Summer with Germolene!

*Thank you to Germolene for this lovely bundle,


I love the idea of 90 Days of Summer with Germolene! You might already know how much we love play, so Germolene’s celebration of outdoor play this summer is our kinda thing!

90 Days of Summer with Germolene!

The summer holidays are looming, and even though we home educate I am feeling the creeping sense of dread at the business and cost of it all. We haven’t lived in the city long, but when we lived in Llantrisant not much changed in terms of the ‘pressure’ I’m feeling now.

City life means a million and one events will be taking place, and as much as I don’t want my two to miss out, we just can’t afford to do it all!

I’m not alone though, because according to surveys commissioned by Germolene, ‘47% of parents claim their biggest concern is the cost of a family day out’, whilst the ‘average parent spends £650 just on family trips during the six weeks off’. Eeeeek!

Germolene have decided to switch things up this summer, with 90 ideas to keep kids busy this summer, and some of them are completely free…

It was a huge relief to me (and exciting for the kids!) to have received an awesome goodie bag from Germolene to kick start our summer.

Firstly, the bag is a cool bag – perfect for picnics and days spent in the park. This is a pretty cheap day out, right?! Inside we found a selection of goodies, including skittles, chalks and a frisbee.

I love the idea of focusing on outdoor play, because not only can it cut costs compared to indoor activities, it also encourages children to play in a positive and inspiring environment.

Germolene has launched a 90 day guide of outdoor fun to celebrate their 90th anniversary. It’s packed full of fun and entertaining ways to spend those hazy summer days, and I’m going to share my favourites from the list with you here…

  • Sow to grow (planting seeds and growing!)
  • Pond dipping (all you need is a net, a bucket and a pond and you’re sorted!)
  • Forever blowing bubbles (use wire coat hangers for super big bubbles…)
  • Pick your own fruit
  • Sensory garden
  • Water play
  • Mud pies
  • Bug Hunt

I am excited already about this summer celebration of Germolene! It’s exciting, inspiring and much cheaper than all the commercial bits and bobs we so often feel guilty for not taking part in. Don’t forget to check out Germolene’s 90 Days of Summer, you could use it to create your own summer bucket list! Check out Whimsical Mumblings for more inspirational ideas to keep kids busy this summer!

What exciting outdoor play will you take part in this summer?




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