Review: Everyman Theatre Presents Seussical Jr

*Thank you to Everyman for tickets to the show.


Today we had an awesome time at Everyman’s Open Air Theatre performance of Seussical Jr! I absolutely love this musical, so I was super excited to see it once more…

Review: Everyman Theatre Presents Seussical Jr

Seussical Jr is such an amazing, positive and energetic performance. I love the message being delivered through song and story, the combination of Seuss stories intertwining to produce a fun and vibrant performance.

When the production began, Warren and I were super excited to see some familiar faces from Kinetic Arts. The story follows Horton who hears the Who people on a clover and tries to protect them from the world whilst stumbling through life and facing many obstacles along the way…

Horton was very sincere and we loved his performance. It was very heartfelt and his interaction with the ‘clover’ was fantastic, as were his harmonies with the rest of the cast.



Gertrude McFuzz was outstanding and for me personally, she completely stole the show. I loved her energy and comedy value, and as for her voice – it was faultless! Her love for Horton felt genuine and her story just as poignant.

There were so many magical moments during the performance, such as the ensemble harmonies and choreography. Each time they were on stage it felt like such a wonderful experience, full of colour, music and bags of talent.



I think Seussical is a pretty tough performance when it comes to engaging children. I think this is down to the fact that it doesn’t seem particularly well known, unlike say a Disney show. So I’d probably suggest familiarising yourself and your little ones (if you haven’t already!) with the songs and performance in general.

It is an awesome show and one I think may be underrated. Everyman have presented it in such a way that the heart is at the forefront of the performance. It was awesome to see a female Cat in the Hat, and she was fantastic throughout. I also adored Jojo, she was absolutely fantastic and held centre stage with lots of confidence and talent.

We loved the performance and it made me shed a little tear more than once. I’d definitely recommend catching it whilst it’s on. It’s running until 25th July and tickets start from £10.

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