Summer Fun With Varta: Making a Homemade Lamp

*Thanks to Varta for sending us lots of goodies for free to complete this task!


It’s a quick one on the blog today, bit it’s a good one! Varta have recently sent us some goodies to keep the kids buy over the holiday and you may have already seen our shadow puppet and magnet fun. Today we’re bringing a lovely little craft to you, thanks to Varta, and it has certainly put a smile on one little boy’s face…

We were given the task of making a homemade lamp, and George loved it!




It was a really simple activity, but it brought so much joy! Plus it encourages recycling, which is perfect for our lifestyle and the world around us.



It was so effective and soon after I’d made an order for some more coloured lights so Molly can make her very own homemade lamp!


Have you ever made a homemade lamp?



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