Origami Star Christmas Card Tutorial #BostikBlogger


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I’m so excited to share this very lovely tutorial  with you guys! I love Christmas and handmade cards are the best, so making this Origami Star Christmas Card was a lot of fun indeed!


Origami Star Christmas Card Tutorial #BostikBlogger


For this craft you will need:


  • Bostik Foam Pads
  • Scrabble letters
  • Pearly white gems
  • A blank card
  • Yellow origami paper
  • Bostik Tape Discs (optional)


To complete the origami star, follow the instructions below. I used a tutorial I found on Youtube and you can find it here or in the video below:



I really like this star because it’s simple to make yet it looks really effective!


Step 1 Make the star


Fold your sheet of origami into a triangle, open out and fold it along the opposite side into a triangle again.



Open it out and fold in half to make a rectangle, open it out and fold the opposite over once more to create another rectangle.



Then you can either ‘pinch’ the paper together to make a triangle (as show in the video above) or you can do it one step at a time as follows…

Fold back into a rectangle and make the flaps face towards you. Carefully press the one top side inwards to create this shape:



Then do the same on the right side. You should end up with a triangle shape that looks like this on the inside:



Lay the triangle with the middle point facing down. Using the right top flap, fold it over to the left (so that you have 3 flaps on one side, and one on the right side) and then fold it back on itself down alongside the middle line on the triangle.



This fold then needs to be folded between the two creases so that it sits back on the right side once more. Repeat this with all sections until it looks like this:



Then you can either draw or guess the next step…



Fold this side up and naturally the paper will fold itself out into a star. The one side will look like this:



And the other will look like this…



Then it’s time to make the card! Check out the video or the written steps below:



Step 2

Add Bostik Foam Squares to the back of the star. If the star is becoming a bit unruly, use Bostik Tape Discs to seal the back of it together. Stick the star onto the card leaving room underneath for…


Step 3

Add scrabble tiles with any message you fancy! I thought ‘Noel’ looked really sweet and festive…





Step 4

Embellish with snow like white/cream gems and then your card is complete!



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