Must Have Halloween Items for 2018

Must Have Halloween Items for 2018

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I can’t think of a single reason why you wouldn’t love Halloween, so here’s a round up of all the spooky and scarily awesome must have Halloween items for 2018! I hope you love all these ideas as much as we do…

Must Have Halloween Items for 2018

We adored picking up these fantastic must have halloween items for 2018. It was such a joy to wander around finding Halloween treasures and receiving some lovely items in the post from awesome companies. So, without further ado…

Eery Earrings

This fantastic set of 6 pairs of Halloween earrings from Primark are only £2! They’re so awesome and I love waking up each day to such a fab choice of earrings during the Halloween season (Yes it’s a season, not a day!)…


must have Halloween items for 2018 earrings from primark (bat, pumpkin, hats, frankenstein's monster, skulls and boo)



Spooky Shot Glasses

These are great as shot glasses, tealight holders or even for some blood squash for the kids! They’re a snip for 49p from Home Bargains.


must have Halloween items for 2018 three shot glasses purple, green and orange

Perfect for tealighters as a non-alcoholic option!


Scare-tastic Snazaroo

Face painting is a must for Halloween and Snazaroo* has you 100% covered! You can choose from party face paint with glitter for £17.99 or their spooky Special FX Kit for £11.50 Both sets are completely perfect for Halloween!


must have Halloween items for 2018 snazaroo make up set


must have Halloween items for 2018 snazaroo make-up set


Creepy Candles

Okay, this candle isn’t creepy but it it smells beautiful and it’s only £2.99 from Home Bargains. I love these candles and we’re building up a lovely collection of different ‘flavours’ ahead of Christmas (I know, I said it!). I love the burnt orange colour and the scent is subtle but lovely, plus they burn for up to 95 hours! Warren also had the fab idea of re-using the jars afterwards 🙂


must have Halloween items for 2018 large orange candle


Bath Bomb

I don’t need to explain this one, right?! Getting a spooky bath bomb from Lush Spa Cardiff is a must! Check out this gruesome eyeball that costs £4.95. We LOVE it!


must have Halloween items for 2018 large eyeball bath bomb

Scary Skulls

I’m pretty addicted to skulls. They’re awesome, and I have loads dotted around our house. I couldn’t resist this one from Flying Tiger (£5), it’s so gorgeous and I love seeing it on my desk. It somehow reminds me of Frida Kahlo and that’s always a good thing!


must have Halloween items for 2018 black skull ornament with pink flowers for eyes


If you don’t have room in your life for ornaments then we can’t be friends this notebook is the perfect way to celebrate your love for skulls and all things Halloween! This was also from Flying Tiger for £4!


must have Halloween items for 2018 notebook with skull on the front


Crazy Crackers

These confetti crackers look absolutely amazing and I think they’re going to be such a treat to use on Halloween night. They come in a set of 3 and cost £2 from Flying Tiger.


must have Halloween items for 2018 skull crackers


Spooky Snacks

We usually go snack crazy, but with the vegan element to our family it’s hard to know what to choose. Marks & Spencer have a few options, including these scrummy Spooky Ghosts & Vampires (£2). I can’t wait to have a munch on these!


must have Halloween items for 2018 ghost and bat crisps



Halloween is all about the pumpkins, right?! Whether you carve your own or you buy this light up pumpkin*, it’s so easy to add a bit of Halloween to your home. He’s a snip at £5 from Wilko.


must have Halloween items for 2018 orange pumpkin that lights up

A Wreath!

Wreaths are a must have at Halloween. They always look incredibly amazing, and if you aren’t sure how to make your own you could always pick up this owl wreath*! It’s so cute and costs £6 from Wilko – I love it!

 must have Halloween items for 2018 owl wreath


An extra scary experience!

There’s nothing quite like an experience to make your Halloween go off with a blood curdling scream! We have a massive soft spot for X-Scream, an even that takes place every Halloween in the gorgeously spooky surroundings of Rhondda Heritage Park. Tickets are £22.50 plus booking fee, check out the X-Scream website for more information.



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Who doesn’t love decorating their house for Halloween?! It’s a pleasure to do and I think these gorgeous items from Wilko* are incredibly effective.   You can get this Bumper Halloween Decoration Kit for £2 and it includes:

  • two paper fans
  • six spooky bats
  • a pumpkin lantern


must have Halloween items for 2018 decorations in orange and black


A Creepy Calendar

If you’re in need of a bit of Halloween inspiration, or you just love the idea of a creepy calendar, then check this fab Halloween Countdown Calendar produced by Festive Lights* out. They are also running the countdown across their Facebook page to inspire and encourage you to be organised and prepared for the big spooky day!

They also have loads of Halloween inspired goodies on their website, such as this light up skull, so go and check it out!


Don’t forget to check out the full Cardiff Halloween Haul from Popcorn Kids (George and Molly), here it is…



We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of must have Halloween items for 2018, please feel free to share it with your friends so they can also get ready for the spookiest time of the year!

Also, please let me know if you spot any awesome Halloween finds…


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