Creating Beautiful Memories With Be My Bear.

Creating Beautiful Memories With Be My Bear.
a little girl holding her be my bear.
*Thank you to Be My Bear for our bears!

Recently we received a gorgeous box of delights from Be My Bear, a company specialising in high quality bear making kits. Their company has been around since 2001 and they are the UK’s original Build-Anywhere-Bear company based in North Wales.

Their website is pretty awesome, and surely any child’s dream, with a vast selection of characters to choose from. The prices are also very competitive, with prices starting from as little as £7.00. We were given the chance to test out two kits, one for George and one for Molly. Molly adores puppy dogs, so she naturally chose this one £7.00, whilst George went for a big old crocodile, £10.00.

The kits are very simple indeed, and there’s a big focus on their website to use this kits as part of a special occasion, such as birthday parties. You can do these kits anywhere, they’re really easy to use and the instructions are clear.

In your kit you can expect:


  • animal skin
  • super-soft stuffing
  • birth certificate
  • party invitation
  • deluxe carrier bag
instructions for be my bear.


George's birth certificate for be my bear.


A young girl holding her be my bear and chopsticks!

We also received a little heart for each bear, for George and Molly to make a wish on. We also received little passports for them, which are super cute and you can use them for when you go on adventures with your new friend!Check out our vlog for an idea of the process…


They adored building their cute bears, and I think they are fabulous value for the price involved.


a stuffed toy crocodile.

I can see them being used as  gift, or a general craft activity, and I think they’re prefect for birthday parties! Molly already has an idea for her own bear birthday party, so watch this space!

Have you tried Be My Bear?

a be my bear in a bag.

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