6 Long Car Journey Essentials for a Family Road-Trip.

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The sun is out and it’s time to plan all those family trips, from holidays abroad to camping in the Welsh hills, it’s important to make sure you have all the essentials pack into the boot of your car. Long car journeys can be tough, but when you have kids in the car, you need to be 100% prepared for the journey.

6 Long Car Journey Essentials for a Family Road-Trip.


1. Pack an ‘essentials’ bag

I always have a bag full of spare clothes for my carsick child, as well as a bag full of snacks and drinks, as well as a handy first aid kit, just in case. You need to figure out what’s needed for your family on a long journey, and tailor a bag to suit everyone’s needs.

2. Entertainment

Whether you’re going to create a playlist or have a go at Eye Spy, make sure you have a plan in mind for entertainment. We sometimes suggest tablets for long journeys, but it’s probably not wise if your destination is a festival, purely down to safety reasons. Think about the length of time you’ll be driving and work out what can keep your children happy along the way!
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3. Car checks

Tyre, oil, air and fuel checks are so important before you hit the road, you don’t want to be stranded with upset children even before you’ve reached your destination. It might be worth getting your car checked over at the garage and maybe splash out on an overhaul to improve your vehicle’s performance.
Another option is to…

4. Invest in a brand new vehicle…

You’d certainly get from A-B faster with the new Audi Q3, efficiency and speed are the bones of this car, and making sure your road-trip car is long-distance worthy is essential! You can find the perfect Audi Q3 for sale here.

5. Plan some pit stops

When you’re travelling on a long journey, there’s going to come a point when one of your children says the following dreaded sentence… ‘I need a wee!’. Surrounded by nothing but motorway, this will most likely leave you in a state of panic. Make sure you’ve noted the services you could ‘potentially’ stop off at if needed, because you never know!

6. Have a checklist

Having a checklist of all the things you need will totally take the stress out of travel. You must know the feeling when you realise, halfway to your destination, that you’ve forgotten something. It’s incredibly soul destroying. Check out my free family festival checklist for inspiration; it’s available to download here.
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