5 Unexpected Financial Problems and How to Fix Them.

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Money makes the world go round, so when you hit a financial hurdle it can feel like your world is crumbling around you. We’ve been there plenty of times over the years, and it’s a scary and daunting place to be, but there are ways of of dealing with these financial set backs…

I’ve popped together a list of unexpected financial difficulties and ways to help overcome them.

5 Unexpected Financial Problems and How to Fix Them!

1. Broken appliances

We’ve been in this situation so many times, it’s pretty unreal. The stress of a broken fridge or washing machine can be a killer, so it’s important to try to see some perspective- hard, I know, when you have freezer food defrosting before your very eyes. Still, try to be calm, there are many ways to fix this!

How to Fix it:

  • Reach out to companies who offer reviews for their products, you never know! 
  • Ask friends and family if they have any spare appliances they no longer need, you’d be surprised how many people store this kind of thing in their garage!
  • Check out Gumtree as or other selling sites for super cheap options.

2. Emergency vet bills

Ziggy suffers from epilepsy, so we know what it’s like to have a sudden diagnosis. Vets bills can be really expensive, so having some sort of back-up here is essential.

How to Fix it:

  • Make sure you have insurance. We have PetPlan and they’ve saved us a fortune!
  • Talk to your vet about payment plans, they might be able to arrange for you to pay your bill off over 6 months instead of immediately. 

3. Illness

When you’re ill these days it’s pretty hit and miss as to how much support you’ll get from your employer. If you’re self-employed then it’s zilch, and this can be a scary time for anyone.

How to Fix it:

  • Start building up some savings. A little each week will soon become a lot, perfect to fall back on during times of illness.
  • Ask family and friends to help, a simple food shop can save you money and it’s all you really need when you’re ill (once your bills are paid!).

4. Car accident

Warren was recently involved in an accident and it’s a very scary time. It’s a relief when you know no-one is hurt, but then the money problems begin. Vehicles being written off, higher premium, no vehicle… it’s all pretty daunting.

How to Fix it:

  • Make sure you have the best insurance you can get. This way you’ll be fully covered!
  • Small loans can go a long way as long as you’re sensible with them. You can get a small loan to cover the cost of a cheap runaround if your car is written off or you don’t have hire car cover.  

5. Housing issues

Ants, damp, broken boilers, or any other issues relating to your home can cost a fortune. We’ve experienced plenty of these, but because we rent we have to rely on the landlord we don’t have much in the way of power to fix a lot of our problems. If you do own your own house, or even if you rent, these ideas might help prepare you for that ‘rainy day’ fund…

How to Fix it:

  • Start saving. 
  • Get decent contents and/or building insurance. 
  • Use sites such as Facebook and Nextdoor to find local helpers or specialists to do the work at a lower rate.
I hope this has been a useful guide, unexpected financial problems can occur out of the blue and it can be very scary indeed. Please remember you’re never alone, and if you ever need to talk, I’m here.

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