Amazing Festival Must Haves Plus a Free Printable Family Festival Checklist!

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*This guide includes some gifted items, all gifted items will be marked with a *.

The sun is out and we all know what’s coming next is full on festival season! There are so many family friendly festivals out there, and we’ll be hitting quite a few this year (Beyond the Border, Camp Bestival and The Big Retreat) so I thought it would be a good idea to put together a guide to family festival must haves for 2018.

Having a festival checklist is so important, because it can get really confusing when you’re part of a family unit. Having a set list for family festival gear can be essential, and sometimes it can be the make or break of a festival trip!

Below you will find my ideas for family festival gear, and at the end I’ve added in my own personal checklist to help you to get festival ready!


A Guide to Family Festival Must Haves 2018…



I think wellies are the key ingredient to a family festival. Chances are, you won’t need them much, but if it randomly rains then you’re covered and you won’t have soggy feet! These gorgeous wellies by Joules are from Amara* (£39.95 currently £27.79). I think they’re incredibly stylish, and I know from experience just how comfortable they are!



Sun Cream

Safety and health is so important, so when it comes to being out in the sun all day long at a family festival, your skin is going to need protection. Sun Sense offers 50 factor sun-cream* for all the family, as well as a special daily facial cream. This has to be on your list for any festival this year…

A Camping Grill

You can’t cook without a grill or BBQ, so I think it’s pretty important. They can save you so much money, because you’re not constantly eating out! We recently had a little look at CampingGaz Party Grill*, check out the video below for more information…


I think their Party Grill is absolutely fabulous. It’s really compact and easy to assemble/disassemble, and I can’t wait to use it at all our summer festivals!

A Festival Trolley

We have only used a trolley for one festival, and it was the best decision we ever made. It meant we could pop the kids in it when they felt tired, or carry some of our bits and bobs as we wandered around.



We recently received a lovely bundle of Varta products* to try out, and here’s our little video explaining why a torch and a lantern should form part of your checklist!


Mobile Phone Powerbank

As you’ve already seen in the above vlog and photograph, a powerbank* is an essential part of festival kit, especially with children!


Fake Nails

This is obviously an indulgent one, but why not?! When you have kids it’s hard to keep on top of the washing, let alone your nails! This set of nails* is perfect for the busy Mom, they simply press on and you’re good to go, plus they last up to 5 days; perfect festival timing!


Shimmering Mist

Strictly Come Dancing Dazzle Shimmering Mist* would make a lovely addition to any festival beauty bag. Use it in the day for a glow or spritz it on for a festival vibe during the night’s musical performances.


Self Care

Fungal Nail Treatment

You never know what you might pick up at a festival, and fungal foot problems are easily spread. Being prepared is key, so this fungal nail kit from Excilor* is perfect…



Rescue Remedy

We’re all quite nervous travellers in this household, so having Rescue Remedy at hand is key to relaxing our frantic minds, especially during a festival! Comfort and Reassure Rescue Remedy* sounds like the perfect way to soothe any member of the family, because festivals can sometimes be an overwhelming experience.



Special Treats

Foodie treats are the most comforting thing about a festival (or camping in general!), and olive pouches seem like the perfect snack! Fragata snack packs* come in handy little packets, perfect for travelling, and they also come in three different flavours…




Zippo Handwarmer

Keeping little hands warm as the night brings in the cold is so important. A colourful hand warmer from Zippo* would surely do the trick, right?



A festival wouldn’t be a festival if you didn’t get a little bit mucky, but you don’t need mud to have this kind of fun. Coolgift has the answer in the form of Micro Konfetti*, perfect for the kids (and adults!) to create some laughter and fun!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my little run down of amazing festival must haves, I hope you’ve enjoyed taking a look. Below is the link to download the family festival checklist, so you can start planning for all the festivals you attend with your family!

Family Festival Checklist!

You can download the checklist here 🙂

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