Review: Naipo Shoulder Massager With Tapping.

Review: Naipo Shoulder Massager With Tapping.
*Thansk to Naipo for sending this product for us to review.

Recently I was asked to review a Shoulder Massager With Tapping from Naipo, and I was really excited to see how it would work and if I would actually enjoy using it! I much prefer the gentler touch, so I was pretty apprehensive about the ‘punch’ function worried me slightly!

The package is sturdy and it has a carry handle, so I imagine you can carry it about to use in various places, such as a friends house or to work if you require the massage in these kinds of situations. It’s currently retailing at £39.99 with free delivery in the UK.

The user manual explains how the shoulder massager works, from important warnings (such as 30 minute maximum use) to a list of FAQs. The massager is used via a plug and plug socket, with a medium sized power line, so you can sit or stand whilst it’s in use.

There are 5 modes and 8 variable speeds, which you control with the buttons on the left hand side of the massager. This is probably more suitable and convenient for right-handed folk, but my left-handedness didn’t cause any problems.

It’s quite a heavy piece of equipment, and it does pack a punch during the massage! it reminded me of seeing a film in 4D and being punched in the back… This tapping can be used on various levels, and I prefer the lower settings. Warren is currently suffering from whiplash, so his shoulders would probably appreciate this massager right now!

I think it’s more suitable to people who like a firmer touch, or like me, use it on the lowest settings to get used to it.

With Father’s Day coming up I think this could be an ideal gift for any Dad who needs to relax and have some TLC.

Have you tried the Naipo Shoulder Massager With Tapping yet? What do you think?

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