Review: Killer Queen at St David’s Hall.

*Thank you to Killer Queen and St David’s for review tickets. Photo credit Killer Queen.

Last night George and I went on a little date to see Killer Queen at St David’s Hall. As you may already know, George is a massive Queen fan (well, who isn’t?!) and we first saw the fabulous tribute act perform last year.

Queen’s music is just beyond, from amazing ballads to rockier tracks, I can’t imagine not loving their songs. Killer Queen have been performing together for over 25 years, and with an American tour lined up in July, they don’t look set to stop!

The stage was set with awesome Killer Queen lighting and throughout the show there were lots of wonderful lighting effects. The sound was good throughout, but there were times when the microphone and sound didn’t quite compliment the vocals. This is such a shame because I know from last year just how amazing their performance can be…


Their set was slightly different last night, perhaps a little more subdued compared to last year’s performance.The first half was fun and eventful, with lots of interaction from Patrick Meyers, who obviously lives and breathes Freddie. George was very excited when they played his favourite songs, and he spent most of the night dancing and singing along!

The second half definitely upped the energy within the show, with a lot more dancing and upbeat songs. Meyers certainly knows how to get the crowd into the groove of the show! He also knows how to handle any hecklers, and much like last year, there were quite a few people who were drinking quite heavily at a family friendly show.


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I adore Meyers as Freddie, but last night I had a weird sensation that he was distracted somewhat, I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there definitely felt like a shift compared to last year’s show.

Still, it was awesome to bop along to all of the songs, and I adored getting up when he ordered us to (and he does order you too, because why on earth would you sit down to listen to those kinda songs?!), as well as the firm dedication and love within the performance dedicated to the wonderful  Freddie.

For me, the songs that stood out included The Show Will Go On, There Must Be More To Life Than This (so beautiful!), Bohemian Rhapsody and Don’t Stop Me Now. Meyers certainly pulls out all the stops with varying vocal ranges and intricate piano performances.

I also adored the guitar solo during Don’t Stop Me Now, as well as bridging the gap between costume changes with solos and musical interludes. It was all very cleverly put together and weh ad an amazing evening.

Before I finish, I want to reach out to everyone, young and old, and challenge you to sit and listen to a bit of Queen. On very high volume.

Last night’s show seemed to have a very clear message in terms of audience demographics. Most people were over 40 within the audience, and I didn’t see anyone under 30 during the night. I am really worried that amazing music is lost amongst the younger crowd, I’m worried shows like this will be forgotten if younger people don’t reach into the depths of music from years gone by and discover the iconic Freddie Mercury.

I think we should all be educating and nurturing our children’s passion for music, otherwise it may be lost forever…

If you are keen to listen to an amazing Queen tribute act, or you’re keen to hear a Queen song for the first time, book your tickets now. You won’t be disappointed.

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