Why a Family Holiday Doesn’t Have to Be Stressful

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Does the thought of taking your own Rebel Tribe on holiday fill you with fear? Do you picture screaming children at the airport, refusing to walk to the boarding gate? Are you imagining tantrums at the hotel pool, with everyone staring at you? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. 

 For some people, a family holiday sounds like nothing but stress. However, many of us still want our children to be able to explore the world and experience other cultures. So, where’s the happy medium? Luckily, a family holiday doesn’t have to be stressful — here’s why (and how). 


Do your prep work 

You will find a family holiday is far less stressful if you do a little prep work beforehand. Plus, it’ll just be fewer things to think about when you’re jetting off. Do your research into child-friendly destinations, hotels, and attractions. If you have a pushchair, look for somewhere that is going to be accommodating of this — and not filled with cobbled streets! 

Make a list of everything you’re going to need to pack, so it’s not just left to the night before. Ensure all of your paperwork is together and you’ve got insurance — some companies, such as 1Cover, will even provide cover for kids at no extra cost, so that’s one less thing to worry about, too! Do your research and prep work, so there’s no last-minute panic or stress. 



Think outside the box 

When most people think of family holidays, they think Disneyland. Sure, it may keep your child entertained, but it’s expensive, and they’ll never want to go home. 

If you want a stress-free family holiday, think outside the box a little bit. We love attending Camp Bestival, for example, as there is so much for the kids to get involved with. By the end of their adventurous days, they’re so tired that getting them into bed is a breeze.  

Festivals, camping, adventure holidays; these are all great experiences that will tucker your kid out each and every day. You certainly won’t have to worry about bedtime tantrums or remortgaging the house because you’ve bankrupted yourself on holiday. 


Embrace the experience 

Sure, there might be times on your family holiday when you think, “I wish I hadn’t bothered,” but don’t let that discourage you. Embrace the experience! These memories will last a lifetime, and you’ll be sad when they’re too grown up to want to go away with you anymore. 

Make the most out of every single second — the good times, the great times, and the tantrum times. Take plenty of photos, buy postcards and souvenirs, and ask the kids to help you put together a holiday scrapbook to look back on in years to come. Use these family holidays to make memories that you’ll never forget. 

A family holiday may sound stressful, but these top tips should certainly help keep the stress to a minimum. Don’t forget to do all of your prep work first, pick somewhere a little outside the box, and finally enjoy every single second. Have you had a stress-free family holiday? How did you achieve it? Let me know in the comments below! 




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