Create a Family Cycling Picture for Tour de France #BostikBlogger

Title with photo of bikes with button wheels for tour de france bike craft with #bostikbloggers.

*Thanks to Bostik and Craft Merrily for these lovely craft goodies.


Recently we received our Tour de France #BostikBlogger box from Craft Merrily. We love getting creative, so we opened the box and had a good rummage before coming up with an idea. Warren was the brains behind this very cute (and inexpensive) craft, suitable for any age.

Create a Family Cycling Picture for Tour de France

Warren came up with this lovely craft idea whilst we were sat around our dining table (nicknamed the craft table!). He completed it within a few minutes and soon the children were interested and excited to create their own. It’s suitable for all ages, and for really little ones you could adapt it. Simply draw a picture of everyone on their bikes and let your little one place large buttons onto the picture in plae of wheels/the sun or anything else that captures their imagination.

Instructions for Creating a Tour de France Family Cycling Picture

You will need:

  • A piece of plain paper
  • Pens or pencils
  • Buttons
  • Bostik Glu Dots


Step 1:

Create a ‘scene’ of your choice. Use pens, crayons, sharpies or anything you like to create a background for your picture.

First stage of tour de france bike craft with #bostikbloggers. Trees, grass and sunshine on a piece of paper.


Step 2:

Add in people on bikes.

Background now has people riding bikes on it. #bostikblogger


Step 3:

Use Bostik Glu dots or foam pads to stick down button wheels. Embellish the picture however you like using stickers or adding more colour/texture.

Buttons stuck on with bostik glu dots to make wheels on the bikes.


Bostik glue dots and foam pads.


You could also use buttons for the sun, just like George has here…


Glu dots and button for sun picture by George. #bostikblogger

Here’s Molly’s version…

Three cyclists with buttons for wheels for tour de france #bostikbloggers.

I love how you can create this craft no matter your age. It’s suitable for anyone and I think it would be a lovely gift if it was popped into a frame.

This is also a really great way to celebrate the Tour de France and encourage your family to get out on their bikes! Check out this gorgeous bike themed card from This Glorious Life for more button inspired crafting!


Pinterest pin for tour de france cycling craft #bostikbloggers

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