Should We Stay or Should We Go?!

Should We Stay or Should We Go?!

*THis is a collaborative post. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.


So this month we had to make a big decision about whether to renew our tenancy agreement or not. It felt like a complex decision to make as we’ve had a few highs and lows whilst living here.

Should We Stay or Should We Go?!

We’ve moved around a lot, due to various reasons, but mostly because the house we were in had issues or the location wasn’t right for our situation. Since moving to Cardiff we’ve realised there’s a lot of good reasons to stay here, such as living a walk away from the city.

There were other issues to consider, such as the neighbourhood and space. We have little in the way of community and our house is tiny, but at least we have a home, right?!



When we weighed up the pros and cons, it tuned out that location and finance came first. Moving further out but paying more for a bigger house just makes no sense whilst Warren is at university and we’re home educating. The extra money could be saved or used for lots of fun activities!

So we decided to stay. For another year. But…

It means we need to consider some changes within the house. I’ve started hanging more paintings and photographs since renewing our contract. I’ve started planning out what we need in each room and we’ve all had a massive decluttering – this was good for the soul!

Warren has already fitted a cupboard in the bathroom and we’re planning to fit blinds in the kitchen and bathroom too. There’s a fab selection from Direct Blinds so I think I’m going to measure up and have a bit of s shopping spree very soon!



We’ve purchased a brand new welcome mat for the front door as well as a few other pretty bits and bobs to make it feel truly like home. Next year I’d also love to get a table and chairs for outside, but there’s very little room so we’re still weighing this up!

We just want a place we can retreat to and relax. A haven hidden away from the mad, crazy world!

I think we just want a place we can call home.


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