Review: Roald Dahl’s Matilda the Musical at Wales Millennium Centre

*I received two tickets for this review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.


Last night Molly and I headed to Cardiff Bay for the press night of Roald Dahl’s Matilda the Musical at Wales Millenium Centre.

Review: Roald Dahl’s Matilda the Musical at Wales Millennium Centre

We have been waiting for this night for a long time because Molly adores Matilda and I adore spending time with Molly! We found our seats and waited for the performance to begin. The stage was set with colourful building blocks and as we waited we played a game searching for various words across the stage. 

The performance began but our viewpoint wasn’t great and we spent most of our time craning our necks to see. Unfortunately I think it was a case of positioning as well as being behind a few tall people. I guess there’s always the chance that will happen and you just have to do your best to catch the action as it happens live on stage.


I have to admit I’m not a huge fan of the movie version of this tale, but the stage version is a thing I will never forget. 

To start with, the costumes were amazing. Colours, textures, make-up and a lot of style has been pumped into the costume design. This tied in nicely with a clever, interchangeable set and interesting props. I loved watching the stage evolve from scene to scene!

My favourite example would be the scene when the new kids arrive at school. The choreography, design, lighting and lyrics all tying in perfectly to create visual delights for the audience. 

On top of this, the cast are completely faultless. The children within the show offer a refreshing take on theatre, and it’s completely full of energy and spirit. 



For me, it’s hard to say who stood out the most because they all excelled. I absolutely adored Miss Honey (Carly Thoms), and when she had the odd vocal part her voice gave me goosebumps. I wanted more of that, so I hope to catch her in future performances!

The same can be said for Matilda’s mother, Mrs Wormwood (Rebecca Thornhill). Her performance was hilarious and when she sang I was in awe. It was hard not to love the ‘bad guys’ as they performed on stage, and along side Matilda’s mother was her father (Sebastien Torkia) and Miss Trunchbull (Craig Els).

Both performers were hilarious, tapping into their character’s vile and spiteful personalities. I couldn’t get enough of them! 

Matilda is performed by Scarlett Cecil, and I am still in awe of her performance. She was pure perfection as Matilda, and how she remembered so many lines, choreography and Russian, well she’s a marvel.

The casting is basically pure perfection. 

I want to finish by saying that, for me personally, there was heck of a lot of magic within the show. The story Matilda tells of the escapologist and acrobat was probably my favourite part of the show. I adored how it is perfectly woven into the main plot, and it kept me hooked throughout. This element is incredibly magical and it certainly adds to the magical and emotional (yes, I cried!) ending. 

I think this performance is one we will remember for a very long time. 




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