Book Review: Scott and the Runaway Sock

Book Review: Scott and the Runaway Sock



*We received this book in exchange in for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.


We were recently sent a copy of Scott and the Runaway Sock to review. We love a good book to review, and we hope you find our thoughts useful!

Book Review: Scott and the Runaway Sock

Scott is used to his life in the sock drawer, but when his friend Stitch runs away he has to choose between taking care of himself or following his socky friend.

Niall Cunniffe presents a sweet little tale following Scott the sock on his adventure out of the sock drawer and into the real life world of a family’s home.

George was a little put out that the boy who owned the socks was called George the Unclever, but I guess you’ve got this risk with lots of books. We changed his name during the story for George, but it was hard not to slip up now and again!

I’m not a fan of the type of illustration used within this book, it felt a little rushed. The poor dog also had a rough time of it and we all ended up feeling quite sorry for Scraggy when he flies into a wall and doesn’t get back up!

I’m unclear on the message of this tale, whether it’s about looking out for each other or whether it’s about exploring life, I just can’t quite tell.

Overall, it’s a cute little book about socks and it could make a very sweet stocking filler this Christmas!

After we read it George and Molly made a couple of sock puppets…




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