Star Wars Po-Zu Fair Trade Boots Review.

Star Wars Po-Zu Fair Trade Boots Review.
*Thanks to Po-Zu for my Hi-Tops to review 🙂

I recently received a gorgeous pair of Star Wars Fair Trade Po-Zu Boots to try out and I’m so excited to share my thoughts about them with you on the blog today. May 12th is World Fair Trade Day, a day to celebrate all things fair trade, so what better day to post this than today?!

Whether you’re a massive Star Wars fan or not (who doesn’t like Star Wars?!), the amazing collection of Star Wars Fair Trade Boots from Po-Zu are sure to change the way you see footwear forever. When I was offered the chance to review the Po-Zu Porg Hi-Tops, I completely fell in love with the fact that they’re 100% vegan.

Star Wars Po-Zu Fair Trade Boots Review.

The Porg Hi-Tops are made in Sri Lanka and the soles are made from Fair Trade rubber, with a memory-foam Foot-Mattress™ in latex and coconut husk. They retail at £69.00, which reflects their Fair Trade element as well as their license connection to Lucas Film/Disney.

Soon after they arrived, I naturally did this…

I think they’re gorgeous hi-tops, and not just because they have a cute character printed on them! Firstly, I’m super chuffed to have  my first pair of vegan shoes, it feels like a really natural transition from food to clothing. Secondly, their style and design is pretty darn perfect. They really stand out as well fashioned shoes, even my lovely theatre bud told me how much she loves the shape at the back of the boots, and I can’t disagree! Thirdly, they’re Fair Trade boots, so in buying them you’re making a massive change and improvement within the lives of other people…


Finally, they’re comfortable, REALLY comfortable; the orthopaedic qualities are obviously doing a splendid job!

Here are some (lots) of photos for you to check out…


Box with Star Wars Pozu written on top.



Shoe box with hi-tops in front.


Close up of Star Wars shoes with box behind.


Bird's eye view of trainers.


Two hi-tops at different angles.
Heel of boot with 'star wars po-zu' printed.
Boots being worn outside.


Boots and legs in grey denim.


Boots being worn, with dog paws in the photo.


I am completely in love with them, from their quality to their design, they are the perfect piece of footwear. The attention to detail in design, as well as the ethically sourced materials and vegan qualities, make the Star Wars Po-Zu Fair Trade Boots a must have for anyone looking to improve the quality of life for others, promote vegan products and own high quality, comfortable and incredibly stylish shoes.

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Photo of boots with title and stars.

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