Getting Fit in Your 40s With the #404040 Plan!

Getting Fit in Your 40s With the #404040 Plan!
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*Thank you to Nikki for my chance to test out this plan in exchange for review. This post contains affiliate links. 

About six weeks or so ago I agreed to trial a new lifestyle and fitness programme called the 404040 Plan. Getting fit in your 40s may sound like too much hard work, but Nikki, the founder of the 404040 Plan has created a plan that easily fits into your normal day-to-day life. It’s primarily aimed at people over 40 years old, however people under 40 are also welcome to try it. I don’t think you’re ever too young to start looking after yourself, and planning ahead for my 40’s seems like a good idea! 

The focus of the plan is:

  • 40 exercises
  • 40 planned meals 
  • 40 days
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I’ll start of by saying that I think I could have put a bit more effort in with the food side of things on the plan. The menus are great, but most aren’t vegan. There is the possibility to ‘veganise’ them, but I think I was still in the throes of learning all about vegan food, so my heart wasn’t in it when it came to set menus. I was (and still am!) feeling very adventurous about food, so this meant I would try a bit of this and that, if it was vegan, despite this and that being cake or crisps! But honestly, I did focus on healthy vegan meals on the whole…
Regardless of my food choices, I did take to the exercise plan really well. I really liked how encouraging Nikki is throughout the workouts; she keeps pushing you forward and keeps you engaged as you sweat your worries away! It made me realise how much we neglect our own needs as we get older, and how taking care of myself is key to my happiness. 
I loved starting my day with her workouts, it felt like it really set me up for the day and I had a bit of a spring in my step on those days. I also thought they were gentle yet they pushed me to my fullest potential, a hard combination to create. I think getting fit in your 40s or late 30s can be a challenge, but one that’s certainly worth it. 
As the weeks went on I created a few videos to explain how the 404040 Plan was going…

Video Diaries for the 404040 Plan

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3 

Weeks 4-5

During the plan you received emails from Nikki with information and encouragement. You are also added to a Facebook group during the plan, and this is a place to talk about your experiences and you can also catch special videos from Nikki or ask her any burning questions you may have. 

So I’m guessing the results are the most important thing?!

After 40 days of the plan I reduced by a total of 12 inches. I felt a lot healthier, happier and focused than usual, and I do believe gradual reduction is really key when it comes to fitness. I also know my own weaknesses are with food and wine, but strangely I don’t go off the exercise!

I think this plan is perfect for anyone, but there are certain factors that make it perfectly tailored to 40+ year olds. Nikki makes sure you take care of your joints and your wrists, she pays particular attention to creating exercises perfect for someone over 40, which is so key  because our bodies do change as we get older.  

Getting fit in your 40s no longer needs to be a hard or miserable thing, Nikki provides all the tools you need and guides you along with positivity and smiles; the perfect way to keep you on track! 

I would definitely recommend the 404040 Plan, it”s a great way to kick-start your fitness in your 40s (and late 30s!). 

If you’re keen to start getting fit in your 40s, you can sign up here today, whether you’re 40 or not! 

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