For My Mother.

For My Mother.

‘A mother is a person who, seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie.’

 -Tenneva Jordan.

I saw this quote about pie this week and immediately thought of my Mother. It’s the kind of thing she would do for me, or the kids, even Warren..!

Mother’s Day has, for the last six or seven years, been exciting for me from the point of view of being a mother, but as time goes on I am realising more and more how important it is to be grateful for my own mother.

Strangely, a lot of this comes from our relationship now and not my childhood. We’ve had a tough old time geting to know each other again after my father’s death and it is only recently I’ve seen how far we’ve come.
So I had the sudden urge to write a little post to tell my Mom we’re doing okay… her and I. We’re getting there and it’s good progress, you know? None of the two steps forward, ten steps back. We’ve been through a lot, and the journey isn’t over yet!

So I just want to say, Happy Mother’s Day, every day… Because every day we’re a step closer to being even more ‘okay’ and that’s a wonderful feeling.
I wanted to write more and publish this in time for Mother’s Day, but that didn ‘t happen because we’re moving house and it is manic in the house, so a lot less computer time at the mo. This is only a good thing though, because now I get to tell you all about Mother’s Day.

I had a lovely morning with my clan, Warren made us lovely bacon sausage bake things and I received an awesome replacement for the money box my Dad bought me years ago (it broke last year).

After a lovely morning I went off to meet up with my mother to have a drinky and we ended up talking about her funeral. On Mother’s day. Only my mother would bring it up. But it was okay, it was practical and morbid and funny. Then we moved on and talked about people, toilets and the kids. Pretty normal convo for us.

After this we ended up in Waterstone’s ‘oooohing’ and ‘aahing’ over children’s books, and when Warren found us he said, ‘Only you two would have a drink and end up in a book store!’ and he was right! We left with two bags of books and two very happy mothers.

I guess I just wanted to highlight that, in the face of relationships, forgiveness, patience and effort are key to rebuilding, and more than anything, it has to come willingly from both sides.

So this post is dedicated to my mom, the person that wouldn’t think twice about sacrificing her piece of pie… but also the person willing to contribute to a happy and healthy relationships… as the quote says:

‘It takes both sides to build a bridge.’

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