10 Ways I’m Celebrating My Dad’s Life, After Death…

A man in a pink shirt is looking at a small toddler and the child is looking back. Both are smiling.

I still cannot get my head around the fact that it has been three years since my Dad died. It’s absolutely flown by yet at the same time it feels like a lifetime since I’ve seen his happy face. The feeling is bittersweet… because each day I see my children I see him.

As usual, I have already planned all the things we will do tomorrow,
to celebrate his life. So here is my list of how we will celebrate his

1. Buy scratchcards. He loved a bit of a harmless gamble
and so tomorrow we will be having a good old scratch in rememberance…
if we win big we’ll buy a cinema 🙂

2. Eat sausage rolls and
hotdogs. He loved a good munch and one of my favourite memories is of
Molly stealing his sausage roll…

A man has a small child on his lap. He is laughing as she is smiling and eating his sausage roll!

3. Watch the movie Warren made… you can find it here and it’s freakin’ amazing. I’ll get the tissues ready…

4. Drink copious amounts of tea! He loved a good cuppa, so what better way to remember such a man?

Have a spot of lunch, preferably at a Sizzler! We used to meet now and
again at the Sizzler in Harborne and it’s where we held his post-funeral
meet with friends and family, so it has very fond memories.

6. Laugh. A lot. Tell silly jokes, trump and blame the squeaky door, tickle each other and just be happy.

7. Listen to Del Shannon. Well he kinda rocks, but even more so cos my Dad loved and knew him, oh yeah!

My Dad is dressed in a suit standin next to Del Shannon. They are hugging.

8. Talk about him. Talk about his good side, his bad side, his childhood, the day he chatted up a lady who was a ‘he’…

9. Watch Withnail and I. He loved it and so do I… so it makes sense. Get the red wine ready!

10. Pour a Baileys and have a toast. A toast to the man who loved life, the man who truly lived life his way, no compromises.

A man dressed in a blue shirt and grey trousers is asleep. In his arms is a little girl fast asleep, next to him is a little boy.

Then we’ll have a  a cry and a ‘kip’ and we’ll wake up a little sadder, a
little happier and a little more focused on the joys of life… after

Always, always, always thinking of you, old man… thank you for making me see what life is truly about.


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